Dune (Frank Herbert)
   Dune Messiah (Frank Herbert)
   Children of Dune (Frank Herbert)
   God Emperor of Dune (Frank Herbert)
   Heretics of Dune (Frank Herbert)
   Chapterhouse: Dune (Frank Herbert)
   Road to Dune (Frank Herbert + Herbert & Anderson)
   Hunters of Dune (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)
   Sandworms of Dune (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)
   House Atreides (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)
   House Harkonnen (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)
   House Corrino (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)
   The Butlerian Jihad (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)
   The Machine Crusade (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)
   The Battle of Corrin (Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson)

   Ice (Anna Kavan)

   Titus Groan (Mervyn Peake)
   Gormenghast (Mervyn Peake)
   Titus Alone (Mervyn Peake)
   "Boy in Darkness" (Mervyn Peake)
   Titus Awakes (Mervyn Peake & Maeve Gilmore)

^ 2024 ^

   Never Split the Difference (Christopher Voss)

   Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer (Michael Moorcock)
   Elric of Melniboné (Michael Moorcock)
   The Fortress of the Pearl (Michael Moorcock)
   The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (Michael Moorcock)
   Elric at the End of Time (Michael Moorcock)
   The Weird of the White Wolf (Michael Moorcock)
   "A Portrait in Ivory" (Michael Moorcock)
   The Vanishing Tower (Michael Moorcock)
   The Revenge of the Rose (Michael Moorcock)
   The Bane of the Black Sword (Michael Moorcock)
   The Citadel of Forgotten Myths (Michael Moorcock)
   "The Last Enchantment" (Michael Moorcock)
   Stormbringer (Michael Moorcock)
   The Dreamthief's Daughter (Michael Moorcock)
   The Skrayling Tree (Michael Moorcock)
   The White Wolf's Son (Michael Moorcock)

   The Man in the High Castle (Philip K. Dick)

   A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick)

   Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Philip K. Dick)

^ 2023 ^

   A Fire Upon the Deep (Vernor Vinge)
   The Children of the Sky (Vernor Vinge)
   A Deepness in the Sky (Vernor Vinge)

   Guards! Guards! (Terry Pratchett)
   Men at Arms (Terry Pratchett)
   Feet of Clay (Terry Pratchett)
   Jingo (Terry Pratchett)
   The Fifth Elephant (Terry Pratchett)
   Night Watch (Terry Pratchett)
   Thud! (Terry Pratchett)
   Where's My Cow (Terry Pratchett)
   Snuff (Terry Pratchett)
   The World of Poo (Terry Pratchett)
   The Colour of Magic (Terry Pratchett)
   The Light Fantastic (Terry Pratchett)
   Sourcery (Terry Pratchett)
   Eric (Terry Pratchett)
   Interesting Times (Terry Pratchett)
   The Last Continent (Terry Pratchett)
   The Last Hero (Terry Pratchett)
   Unseen Academicals (Terry Pratchett)
   Moving Pictures (Terry Pratchett)
   The Truth (Terry Pratchett)
   Monstrous Regiment (Terry Pratchett)
   Going Postal (Terry Pratchett)
   Making Money (Terry Pratchett)
   Raising Steam (Terry Pratchett)
   Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook (Terry Pratchett)
   Equal Rites (Terry Pratchett)
   Wyrd Sisters (Terry Pratchett)
   Witches Abroad (Terry Pratchett)
   Lords and Ladies (Terry Pratchett)
   Maskerade (Terry Pratchett)
   Nanny Ogg's Cookbook (Terry Pratchett)
   Carpe Jugulum (Terry Pratchett)
   The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (Terry Pratchett)
   The Wee Free Men (Terry Pratchett)
   A Hat Full of Sky (Terry Pratchett)
   Wintersmith (Terry Pratchett)
   I Shall Wear Midnight (Terry Pratchett)
   The Shepherd's Crown (Terry Pratchett)
   Pyramids (Terry Pratchett)
   Small Gods (Terry Pratchett)
   Mort (Terry Pratchett)
   Reaper Man (Terry Pratchett)
   Soul Music (Terry Pratchett)
   Hogfather (Terry Pratchett)
   Thief of Time (Terry Pratchett)
   A Blink of the Screen: Collected Shorter Fiction (Terry Pratchett)

^ 2022 ^

   The Courtship of Princess Leia (David Farland)

   Thrawn (Timothy Zahn)
   Thrawn: Alliances (Timothy Zahn)
   Thrawn: Treason (Timothy Zahn)

   Outbound Flight (Timothy Zahn)

   Doomsday Book (Connie Willis)

   Stranger in a Strange Land (Robert A. Heinlein)

   The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Robert A. Heinlein)

   Starship Troopers (Robert A. Heinlein)

   Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Travis Bradberry)

   Hyperion (Dan Simmons)
   The Fall of Hyperion (Dan Simmons)
   Endymion (Dan Simmons)
   The Rise of Endymion (Dan Simmons)

   Get in Trouble (Kelly Link)

   Sunshine (Robin McKinley)

   Van Helsing (Kevin Ryan)

   Solaris (Stanisław Lem)

   Dark City (Frank Lauria)

   We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Dennis E. Taylor)
   For We Are Many (Dennis E. Taylor)
   All The Worlds (Dennis E. Taylor)

   Machine of Death (Editor: Ryan North)

   Crucible (Troy Denning)

   How to Archer (Sterling Archer)

   The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home (Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor)

   Serenity: No Power in the ’Verse (Zack Whedon)

^ 2021 ^

   Firefly: Still Flying (Edlund, Whedon, Bennett, Bernstein, & Derrick)

   The Crystal Cave (Mary Stewart)
   The Hollow Hills (Mary Stewart)
   The Last Enchantment (Mary Stewart)
   The Wicked Day (Mary Stewart)

   A Stitch in Time (ST:DS9 #27) (Andrew J. Robinson)

   The Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley)

   Le Morte d'Arthur (Thomas Malory)

   The Once and Future King (T. H. White)

   Rude Tales and Glorious (Nicholas Seare)

   The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Michael Chabon)

^ 2020 ^

   Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)

   Cat's Cradle (Kurt Vonnegut)

   Soon I Will Be Invincible (Austin Grossman)

   The Stars My Destination (Alfred Bester)

   Old Man's War (John Scalzi)
   The Ghost Brigades (John Scalzi)
   The Last Colony (John Scalzi)
   Zoe's Tale (John Scalzi)
   The Human Division (John Scalzi)
   The End of All Things (John Scalzi)

   Millennium Falcon (James Luceno)

   Ambush at Corellia (Roger MacBride Allen)
   Assault at Selonia (Roger MacBride Allen)
   Showdown at Centerpoint (Roger MacBride Allen)

   Han Solo at Stars' End (Brian Daley)
   Han Solo's Revenge (Brian Daley)
   Han Solo and the Lost Legacy (Brian Daley)

   Han Solo Trilogy: The Paradise Snare (A. C. Crispin)
   Han Solo Trilogy: The Hutt Gambit (A. C. Crispin)
   Han Solo Trilogy: Rebel Dawn (A. C. Crispin)

   Assassin's Apprentice (Robin Hobb)
   Royal Assassin (Robin Hobb)
   Assassin's Quest (Robin Hobb)
   Ship of Magic (Robin Hobb)
   The Mad Ship (Robin Hobb)
   Ship of Destiny (Robin Hobb)
   Fool's Errand (Robin Hobb)
   The Golden Fool (Robin Hobb)
   Fool's Fate (Robin Hobb)
   Dragon Keeper (Robin Hobb)
   Dragon Haven (Robin Hobb)
   City of Dragons (Robin Hobb)
   Blood of Dragons (Robin Hobb)
   Fool's Assassin (Robin Hobb)
   Fool's Quest (Robin Hobb)
   Assassin's Fate (Robin Hobb)

   Kushiel's Dart (Jacqueline Carey)
   Kushiel's Chosen (Jacqueline Carey)
   Kushiel's Avatar (Jacqueline Carey)
   Kushiel's Scion (Jacqueline Carey)
   Kushiel's Justice (Jacqueline Carey)
   Kushiel's Mercy (Jacqueline Carey)
   Naamah's Kiss (Jacqueline Carey)
   Naamah's Curse (Jacqueline Carey)
   Naamah's Blessing (Jacqueline Carey)

^ 2019 ^

   The Illustrated Man (Ray Bradbury)

   Thrawn (Timothy Zahn)

   Specter of the Past (Timothy Zahn)
   Vision of the Future (Timothy Zahn)

   Heir to the Empire (Timothy Zahn)
   Dark Force Rising (Timothy Zahn)
   The Last Command (Timothy Zahn)

   Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Susanna Clarke)

   The Day of the Triffids (John Wyndham)

   Stardust (Neil Gaiman)

   Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman (Walter M. Miller Jr. & Terry Bisson)

   The Passage (Justin Cronin)
   The Twelve (Justin Cronin)
   The City of Mirrors (Justin Cronin)

   The Forever War (Joe Haldeman)
   Forever Peace (Joe Haldeman)
   Forever Free (Joe Haldeman)

   A Call to Arms (Alan Dean Foster)
   The False Mirror (Alan Dean Foster)
   The Spoils of War (Alan Dean Foster)

   The Martians (Kim Stanley Robinson)

   The Road to Amber - Short Stories (Roger Zelazny)

^ 2018 ^

   Nine Princes in Amber (Roger Zelazny)
   The Guns of Avalon (Roger Zelazny)
   Sign of the Unicorn (Roger Zelazny)
   The Hand of Oberon (Roger Zelazny)
   The Courts of Chaos (Roger Zelazny)
   Trumps of Doom (Roger Zelazny)
   Blood of Amber (Roger Zelazny)
   Sign of Chaos (Roger Zelazny)
   Knight of Shadows (Roger Zelazny)
   Prince of Chaos (Roger Zelazny)

   The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood)

   Breakfast at Tiffany's (Truman Capote)

   Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (J. K. Rowling & John Tiffany)

   Lucifer's Hammer (Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle)

   The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde)

^ 2017 * ^

   Red Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson)
   Blue Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson)
   Green Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson)

   Out of the Silent Planet (C. S. Lewis)
   Perelandra (C. S. Lewis)
   That Hideous Strength (C. S. Lewis)

   The Caves Of Steel (Isaac Asimov)

   The Museum of Innocence (Orhan Pamuk)

   Anathem (Neal Stephenson)

   A Canticle For Leibowitz (Walter M. Miller)

   Old Man's War (John Scalzi)

   The Forever War (Joe Haldeman)

   Shards of Honor (Lois McMaster Bujold)

   Serenity: Leaves on the Wind (Joss Whedon)

^ 2016 * ^

   Wicked (Gregory Maguire)

   The Princess Bride (William Goldman)

   Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson)

   Pawn of Prophecy (David Eddings)
   Queen of Sorcery (David Eddings)
   Magician's Gambit (David Eddings)
   Castle of Wizardry (David Eddings)
   Enchanters' End Game (David Eddings)

   The Sword of Shannara (Terry Brooks)
   The Elfstones of Shannara (Terry Brooks)
   The Wishsong of Shannara (Terry Brooks)
   First King of Shannara (Terry Brooks)

   On Distant Ground (Robert Olen Butler)

   Earth Unaware (Orson Scott Card)
   Earth Afire (Orson Scott Card)
   Earth Awakens (Orson Scott Card)

^ 2015 * ^

   The Dispossessed (Ursula K. LeGuin)

   A Farewell to Arms (Ernest Hemingway)

   Moby Dick (Herman Melville)

   The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories (Alan Ryan)

   I Am Legend (Richard Matheson)

   Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories (Zack Whedon)

   Out of the Crisis (W. Edwards Deming)

^ 2014 * ^

          * - I didn't keep track from 2014-2017, so the list is what I can remember... [01.2018]

   The Devil's Arithmetic (Jane Yolen)

   Lord of the Isles (David Drake)
   Queen of Demons (David Drake)
   Servant of the Dragon (David Drake)
   Mistress of the Catacombs (David Drake)
   Goddess of the Ice Realm (David Drake)
   Master of the Cauldron (David Drake)
   The Fortress of Glass (David Drake)
   The Mirror of Worlds (David Drake)
   The Gods Return (David Drake)

   Doctor Faustus (Christopher Marlowe)

   Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years (David A. Goodman)

   Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary (Paul Ruditis)

   Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad)

   Wicked West: Boozers, Cruisers, Gamblers, and More (Sherry Monahan)

   In the Days of the Comet (H.G. Wells)

^ 2013 ^

   The Martian Chronicles (Ray Bradbury)

   Don Quixote* (Miguel de Cervantes)...didn't finish

   A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking)

   Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Brothers Grimm, Clarissa Estes)

   Dark City (Frank Lauria)

   Who Moved My Cheese? (Spencer Johnson)

   The Passage (Justin Cronin)

   Battlefield Earth (L. Ron Hubbard)

   Otherland: City Of Golden Shadow (Tad Williams)
   Otherland: River of Blue Fire (Tad Williams)
   Otherland: Mountain of Black Glass (Tad Williams)
   Otherland: Sea of Silver Light (Tad Williams)

   The Halloween Tree (Ray Bradbury)
   Something Wicked This Way Comes (Ray Bradbury)
   Dandelion Wine (Ray Bradbury)
   The October Country (Ray Bradbury)

   The Road (Cormac McCarthy)

^ 2012 ^

   Night of the Living Trekkies (Kevin Anderson)

   World Mythology... Great Myths and Epics (Donna Rosenberg)

   Good to Great (Jim Collins)

   Stories to Be Read with the Lights On (Alfred Hitchcock Presents)

   Double-Digit Growth (Michael Treacy)

   Matsushita Leadership (John P. Kotter)

   Star Trek: Infection [1] (John Gregory Betancourt)
   Star Trek: Vectors [2] (Dean Wesley Smith)
   Star Trek: Red Sector [3] (John Gregory Betancourt)
   Star Trek: Quarantine [4] (Dean Wesley Smith)
   Star Trek: Double or Nothing [5] (John Gregory Betancourt)
   Star Trek: The First Virtue [6] (Dean Wesley Smith)

   The Stand (Stephen King)

   Star Trek: Dominion War [1] (John Vornholt)
   Star Trek: Dominion War [2] (Diane Carey)
   Star Trek: Dominion War [3] (John Vornholt)
   Star Trek: Dominion War [4] (Diane Carey)

   Madame Bovary (Gustave Flaubert)

   Serenity: Those Left Behind (Joss Whedon)
   Serenity: Better Days (Joss Whedon)
   Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale (Zach Whedon)

   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Ken Kesey)

   Peter Pan (J. M. Barrie)

   Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson)

   V for Vendetta (Alan Moore)

   Star Trek: Day of Honor [1] (Diane Carey)
   Star Trek: Day of Honor [2] (LA Graf)
   Star Trek: Day of Honor [3] (Michael Jan Friedman)
   Star Trek: Day of Honor [4] (Rusch & Smith)

   A War of Gifts (Orson Scott Card)
   Ender in Exile (Orson Scott Card)

   The Shining (Steven King)

   How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (Charles Yu)

   Third Class Superhero (Charles Yu)

^ 2011 ^

   Preacher vol 1: Gone to Texas (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 2: Until the End of the World (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 3: Proud Americans (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 4: Ancient History (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 5: Dixie Fried (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 6: War in the Sun (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 7: Salvation (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 8: All Hell's A-Coming (Garth Ennis)
   Preacher vol 9: Alamo (Garth Ennis)

   Smoke and Mirrors (Neil Gaiman)

   Dawn of the Dreadfuls (Steve Hockensmith)

   League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Vol 1 (Alan Moore)
   League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Vol 2 (Alan Moore)
   League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier (Alan Moore)
   League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910 (Alan Moore)

   The Crowded Universe (Alan Boss)

   Measuring the Universe (Kitty Ferguson)

   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J.K. Rowling)

   'Salem's Lot (Steven King)

   How to Keep House (Sam Martin)

   The Gunpowder Plot (Oswald Tesimond, narrartive)

   Sir William Wallace (A.F Murison)

   The Dubliners (James Joyce)

   Traveller's Guide to Mars (Cadogan)

   British Library Treasures in Focus: Alice's Adventures Under Ground

   Robin Hood (Henry Gilbert)

   Lyra's Oxford (Phillip Pullman)
   Once Upon A Time In The North (Phillip Pullman)

   The Call of Cthulhu and other Weird Tales (H.P. Lovecraft)
   The Thing on the Doorstep and other Weird Tales (H.P. Lovecraft)
   Dreams in the Witch House and other Weird Tales (H.P. Lovecraft)

^ 2010 ^

   A History of Modern Russia (Robert Service)

   The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank)
   Tales from the Secret Annex (Anne Frank)

   American Gods (Neil Gaiman)

   Sandman vol 1: Preludes and Nocturnes (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 2: The Doll's House (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 3: Dream Country (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 4: Season of Mists (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 5: A Game of You (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 6: Fables and Reflections (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 7: Brief Lives (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 8: Worlds' End (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 9: The Kindly Ones (Neil Gaiman)
   Sandman vol 10: The Wake (Neil Gaiman)
   Endless Nights (Neil Gaiman)
   Death: The High Cost of Living (Neil Gaiman)
   Death: The Time of Your Life (Neil Gaiman)

   The Misantrhope (Moliere)

   The Hunt for Red October (Tom Clancy)

   Slaughterhouse-Five (Kurt Vonnegut)

   Silent Bob Speaks (Kevin Smith)

   Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Anonymous)

   The Swarm (Frank Schatzing)

   Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith)

   Headless Body in a Topless Bar (NY Post staff)

   Government Manual for New Wizards (Matthew Brozik)

   Field Guide - Apocalypse: Movie Survival Skills (Meghann Marco)

   Working with Americans (Allen & Denslow)

   Dark Angel: Before the Dawn (Max Collins)
   Dark Angel: Skin Game (Max Collins)
   Dark Angel: After the Dark (Max Collins)

   World War Z (Max Brooks)

^ 2009 ^

   The Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks)

   Confessions of a B Movie Actor (Bruce Campbell)

   Lady Windemere's Fan (Oscar Wilde)
   A Woman of No Importance (Oscar Wilde)
   An Ideal Husband (Oscar Wilde)
   Salome (Oscar Wilde)

   Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way (Bruce Campbell)

   The Watchmen (Alan Moore)

   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)
   Through the Looking-Glass (Lewis Carroll)

   The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde)

   Myst: The Book of Atrus (Rand Miller)
   Myst: The Book of Ti'ana (Rand Miller)
   Myst: The Book of D'Ni (Rand Miller)

   Gulliver's Travels (Jonathan Swift)

   The Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman)
   The Subtle Knife (Phillip Pullman)
   The Amber Spyglass (Phillip Pullman)

   The Adventures of Samurai Cat (Mark E. Rogers)
   More Adventures of Samurai Cat (Mark E. Rogers)
   The Sword of Samurai Cat (Mark E. Rogers)
   Samurai Cat in the Real World (Mark E. Rogers)
   Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies (Mark E. Rogers)
   Samurai Cat Goes to Hell (Mark E. Rogers)

^ 2008 ^

   Corpus Juris Humorous (John B. McClay)

   The Gunslinger Born (Steven King, graphic novel)

   The Life and Times of Grigori Rasputin (Alex De Jonge)

   A Children's Book of True Crime (Chloe Hooper)

   First Meetings (Orson Scott Card)
   Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card)
   Speaker for the Dead (Orson Scott Card)
   Xenocide (Orson Scott Card)
   Children of the Mind (Orson Scott Card)
   Ender's Shadow (Orson Scott Card)
   Shadow of the Hegemon (Orson Scott Card)
   Shadow Puppets (Orson Scott Card)
   Shadow of the Giant (Orson Scott Card)

   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J.K. Rowling)
   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J.K. Rowling)

   The Gunslinger (Steven King)
   Drawing of the Three (Steven King)
   The Waste Lands (Steven King)
   Wizard & Glass (Steven King)
   Wolves of the Calla (Steven King)
   Song of Susannah (Steven King)
   The Dark Tower (Steven King)

   Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx)

   The Little Book of Bad Taste (anecdotes)

   After the Funeral (anecdotes)

   Relativity (Albert Einstein)

^ 2007 ^